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What is new on the schoolfoto-online website:

HD-metal / Alu-plate print

Direct print on Aluminium, including a stand to put it on a table. This ultra-modern product is scratch resistant and has a very briljant color display. A Frame will be unnecessary. This product can be placed directly on a table and is the ultimate present to give or to get.


This is a very trendy product, the Photo is printed directly behind the glass. The glass is cut with facet edges, you can find it in the catagory ‘Photo Fun’.

Your portret on a wooden panel

From now it is possible to order the picture directly on a wooden panel.

The picture will be printed on a wooden panel, made of different planks. These are before printing treated with whitewash. The Prints-on-Wood panel is an completely product of Nature and you stay see that: the structure of the Wood, nerves, structure and knots stay visible for a bit.

Because it is a product of Nature it is possible that, after a while, the Wood is changing, nerves and knots can become more or less visible (darker, lighter). This is the charme of the product and we can’t change that. for that reason claims on that product with this kind of complaints are not possible.

We advise not to put the Photo-on-Wood above a heat source (f.i. radiator or a fireplace), this can increase the risk of cracks. You can choose a portret of landscape size, that depents on the picture. The panel has a very solid suspension system.
Because of the product of Nature not every panel is the same. The sizes are plusminus indications (Deviations can be caused by the width of the planks). We will position the picture before we put it on the panel, so the eyes are not exactly placed between two planks. You can find these Photo-on-Wood Panels in the category ‘Print-to-Plate’.


If you have a question, or you will contact us. Please fill in the contact form in the menu ‘Contact’, by e-mail to or by Telephone on working days between 09:00 AM till 4:00 PM on our telephone number +31 (0)320 275200.